First appearance March 10.Edit

IP same as IP of VM, but anyboidy can SSH to CentOS

Mother of god

Second Appearance March 11 24:00 GMTEdit

[23:12] == rusty_shacklefor [520eeca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #whatsinthebox

	Line 1: [00:12] == rusty_shacklefor [520eeca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #whatsinthebox
	Line 4: [00:12] <rusty_shacklefor> I am in wigan.
	Line 22: [00:15] <rusty_shacklefor> Wigan is cold, my poor envelope is freezing it's nuts off.
	Line 44: [00:20] <rusty_shacklefor> You guys didn't find the anything in gainsville?
	Line 52: [00:21] <rusty_shacklefor> that's too bad. Maybe you should send some one that isn't blind next time.
	Line 64: [00:26] <rusty_shacklefor> My poor, poor envelope. I want you to find it fast.
	Line 65: [00:26] <rusty_shacklefor>
	Line 84: [00:29] <rusty_shacklefor> There is another team?
	Line 125: [00:35] <rusty_shacklefor> There is no other team.
	Line 131: [00:35] <rusty_shacklefor> I did nothing.
	Line 133: [00:35] <rusty_shacklefor> it is there.
	Line 136: [00:36] <rusty_shacklefor> yes
	Line 137: [00:36] == rusty_shacklefor [520eeca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]
	Line 161: [00:38] <rusty_shacklefor> I am in wigan.
	Line 178: [00:39] <rusty_shacklefor> I cared enough to write a comment on the .rar.
	Line 181: [00:39] <rusty_shacklefor> maybe yu should use that.
	Line 183: [00:39] <ObnoxiousPrinter> AS IN THE RUSTY_SHACKLEFOR
	Line 204: [00:42] <rusty_shacklefor> Get my fucking envelope.
	Line 206: [00:42] == rusty_shacklefor [520eeca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

Screenshot 223

Screenshot 222


In that file

is RAR file, password is "big brother" (comment for rar in bob heather bob righter, anagram for big brother)

In RAR file (The_Answer.rar)  there is mp3 (The_Answer.mp3) with Bob Dylans
Screenshot 225
song, Blowin in the wind, that also consists SSTV.

In the mp3 you can find also SSTV in ID3 tag and Gooses Clock in Album cover.

You can decrypt SSVT for yourself with

Info on how to setup SSTV:

Anyway after decryptind SSTV this image appears:

Looks like slightly changed lyrics of Blowing in the Wind.

Rawr figured out.  "how many crossroads has nanon to count":

[01:15] <@Rawr> so 3-90-8-67-12-41-5-1-67-29
[01:16] <@Rawr> thats the numbers we all got?
[01:17] <@Rawr> well my thought was to count each letter, but i got c-a-d-i-s-g-s-l-i-t
[01:17] <@Rawr> so either thats not how to do it, the numbers are off, or the pages are in wrong order?
[01:17] <lexus_> that is a picture. what are you using for cross roads. and where are these numbers coming form
[01:17] <@Rawr> counting crossroads
[01:17] <@Rawr> like the pic says
[01:17] <lexus_> crossroads on the symbol drawings?
[01:18] <@Rawr> yes
[01:20] <@Rawr> i cant make anything out of it
[01:20] <lexus_> it's an anagram for craigslist if you fucked up a letter or counted wrong
[01:20] <lexus_> find me an R and we are in business

If 90 would be 91 we have R

So hint from Book note aka LOCK is: C R A I G S L I S T

Rusty pretends to be RezEdit

  • Rusty visits the IRC pretending to be Rez (13.03.2013)
    Vez say whaa
  • Only tip we get "Look deeper" how fucking great right ?


tl;dr solution is : 'HowManyCrossroadsMustAnonCrossBeforeAnonIsNotAFag'