here is pic2


This is the photo that the shop keeper took of the clue

We had the shop keeper of the Bookstore in Jacksonville help us

This is the clue that was in the Civil War - North vs South book 

What stands out so far:

  • The capital letters Spell "LOOK DEEPER"
  • The signature is an anagram that spells "LOOK DEEPER"
  • The impression text at the very bottom looks like the name 

"Rusty Shackleford" 

There also seems to be an impression line drawn from the word "this" -

in the phrase "end of this trail of clues I laid" - possibly highlighting further significance for the name "Rusty Shackleford" 

We have been unable to figure out what the impressions below and to the right of Rusty Shackleford are. 

A theory:

We know that our end game is to find a Email address and a password. The title "THE LOCK" might signify the email address. The password would be the key. This letter could be pointing us towards the email address. 

OPs hints:
215 North Laura Street
The Civil War
North vs South

SOLUTION OF PUZZLE:  you have to count all the intersections on the line drawings and then find correspondong letter in LOCK message from Bookstore

Thank you errantobserver


"The Lock" Note Front (High Res)


"The Lock" Note Back (High Res)